Saturday, October 13, 2007

L'Age D'Or. H&M Fashion Pavillion.

Gold Atmosphere
Nick Knight Opulent Photograph
Baroque Interior
Thesis Project by Adam Behm. The Ohio State University. Interior Design.
Critic: Gabriel Esquivel
"Luster, Excess and Opulence"
The Idea was to design a prototype for H&M worldwide stores, using precedents like Baroque baldacchinos and tempiettos because of their placement within a space. The inspiration were the interiors of Versailles because of their excessive ornamentation as well as fashion photography by Nick Knight and films like the Mummy for their atmospheric interpretation of golden environments.
The idea of geometry is an important factor for the project, the study of the components of the pavillion was developed after studying the icon of the "fleur de lis", in terms of ornamental surfaces and the overall form.
This pavillion is a provocation for a new concept in fashion retail away from the traditional minimalist white retail spaces.