Monday, September 26, 2011

suckerPunch Competition



registration begins 7.21.11

submissions due 12.19.11

awards: US $2500 total and publication jury/AWARDS



abigail COOVER

gabriel ESQUIVEL

nathan HUME

jimenez LAI

florencia PITA

david RUY

jesse SEPPI


john SZOT 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Workshop Payment

Bi Polar. Two affects.

Texas A&M University. College of Architecture. Fabrication Studio. Spring 2011. 
Critic: Gabriel Esquivel
Matthew Miller
Dale Fenton
Emau Vega
Aubrie Damron
Adrian Cortez
This project discusses two attitudes concerning digital design, one about performance whose skin is resolved parametrically, the exterior as a rain water collecting instrument, that takes the water into water vessels integrated into skin, they also serve as heating and cooling devices producing light and temperature affects. The interior skin is more interested in sensation with a smooth sensibility on a pleated skin like silk and/or leather. The idea was to emphasize this distinction to embrace the discussion.
Nate Hume from suckerPunch commented on the piece:
Bi Polar is AMAZING!  love the colors, love the overlap of differing geometric logics.  fantastic to see the progress installation to installation.  it's wild that in such a short time you've taken them from not having a grasp on contemporary design culture or current fabrication methods to producing some of the most provocative student pieces out there.  I'm really interested right now in rethinking collage and difference in a contemporary way.  Projects with competing geometric logics that don't rely on gradient or clashing of kitschy shapes/form.   super exciting attitude towards form.  i also like the two-face, dead ringers qualities, like a demented wall house.  serious parametric vs fast and loose mutant.