Thursday, January 14, 2010

Friday, January 8, 2010

Art, Architecture and Design Museum in Houston

Texas A&M University. Fall 2009 . -5th year. Graduate Studio . -Critic: Gabriel Esquivel

Formal White

Matt Miller
A white elegant from that goes throuoh several formal sequences, first framing the city itself using Houston's own modern sensibility, all the way to something new.

Take Over - Take Off

Geoffrey Kornegay
A beautiful form that engages the ground in different ways, slick and shinny and ready to take over and take off.

The Kiss

Jie Sun
Two buildings kissing? or one narcissist loving its reflection.

Jewel in the City

Dustin Mattiza
A luxurious broche in the city, platinum with rubies.

Garden Patch

Heather Davis
A large vegetable and flower patch for the city.


Keun - Young Park
A snowbox for the hot Houston weather.

Museum in Wonderland.

Crytal Gore
A dreamlike quality atmosphere. The form emerges from the landscape, one side the form is separate from the ground, on another view ground and figure are the same.

White Chocolate

Cheng Jin
An intriguing form that sits on the landscape like a piece of chocolate in a chocolate box.