Friday, October 12, 2007

Emotional Surfaces Studio. Mexico City. Click to check the website, click the word students and wait for loading.

The Ohio State University. Department of Design "Office of the Future" The group of third year students of interior design, whose critics were Gabriel Esquivel and Heike Goeller, went to Mexico City to present their projects as part of a symposium about “Design and Emergent Technologies” organized and sponsored by *Brom Arquitectos. This round table discussion included the participation of important architects with similar concerns like Michel Rojkind from Rojkind Arquitectos. The jurors for the project were: Michel Rojkind Ariel Bromberg Emilio Chacon Aruro Ortiz The students will discuss the state of Architecture and Design in the context of Mexico City; not only at urban scale but at the Architectural and Interiors scale as well. The site is a brand new building designed by Ariel Bromberg on Reforma 115 .This project is bringing to the forefront so many important questions; mainly regarding issues of “the office of the future” in terms of organization and technology among others; in particular the Latin American context. A specific concern has also emerged about the seamless interaction of technology and everyday life without discarding the importance of the human factor. An important aspect of the project is the critical understanding of the notion of Skin, Surface, and Screen, how they need to become original in technical terms within our discipline for these projects to work. These design tools will affect the project’s design, becoming the driving force. Until the design discipline becomes expert in using those elements not as metaphors, but as real architectural symbols that could reconsider tectonic tradition, there will no new research. There are eight teams of two members each, each team selected a company that will better reflect the idea of “future”, the choices were; Virgin Atlantic, Pixar, Dwell Magazine, Vogue Magazine, Batelle, etc. The goal was for the students to learn how to communicate their ideas to design professionals and clients plus working directly as part of an international environment. After the presentation the projects will be exhibited in the building to display the students’ ideas. *Brom Arquitectos is an extremely prestigious firm in Mexico City, they are designers and developers of extremely important projects that have changed and enhanced Mexico City‘s new skyline. Ariel Bromberg took command of the firm from his father, an architect as well, about 7 years ago, since then he has been extremely concern with the development of an architecture that addresses every possible issue of the city as well as the spatial interior conditions of the office buildings he designs and how they are affected by constantly changing technology. Ariel Bromberg attended to the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, where he received an architecture degree, then attended Columbia University for a Master’s in Urban Design. He is currently a professor of design at his alma mater in Mexico City.