Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Hypersections Advances

Selected Scheme

Nick Houser

Garrett Farmer

Ozzy Veliz

Mindy Hogan

Hypersecting Objects. 
Collaboration with Niccolo Casas

Second Year Studio Boolean and Clipping Experiment

Andrew Atwood

Courtney Ward

Marie Chapa

Francisco Anaya

Jeanelle Fernandez 

Alyssa Dophied

Nate Gonzalez

Aaron Scheffield

Zion Lewis

Boolean and Clipping Experiment. Second Year Studio Fall 2018 
Based on Gordon Matta Clarck.

Midterm Review Second Year Oct. 15, 2018

Texas A&M University Fall 2018 Midterm Review Second Year Studio
Jury: Geoffrey Von Oeyen, Marcelo Lopez-Dinardi, James Tate, Shawn Lutz and Andrew Tripp