Monday, March 9, 2009


The importance of this event can be seen from several points of view. First; as a follow up to two previous events organized by theTecnol√≥gico of Monterrey.”AZUL REY” which took place in February of 2007, a new generation of young architects was invited. They postulated a new discourse, which started from an element technology, and arrived at the discussion of the emotional and affective aspects in architecture. The following event was the one called “EleganTech” in which a even younger generation of architects spoke on the acceptance of the technology not only within the making of but as a form of life. The need for improvement as far as the geometric description of new architectural forms, the importance of fabrication and construction, the search of new materials was also part of the discussion. These issues were presented as the new frontier that the architect must dominate to assure his/her future as a professional, but maintaining the emotional the discourse of the previous event. After a long conversation with my friend Nate Hume from suckerPUNCH. We thought about the possibility of creating a series of conferences that place the discourse of architecture within its own architectural circumstances and no longer influenced by outside texts. Most of these ideas have been developed by the incredibly important and definitive influence of critic-prophet, in a way this conference is an attempt to pay respect to this character.
Ab Intra will attempt to present an argument emerging from architecture itself. The new group offers interesting discursive possibilities given the fact that they are seriously involved in the uses of technology, theory, academic life and they all have active architectural practices. Therefore it is simply a natural situation to bring these architects to help us understand where we are coming from and where could we possible go. We do not want to label it as a movement but is it possible to do this one more time to talk about architecture from it own discourse from within?

This event will take place in Mexico City on April 16th 2009. At the Vasconcelos Library Auditorium.

The invited architects are:

Tom Wiscombe

Paul Preissner

Jason Payne

Organized and Moderated by Gabriel Esquivel who will give two previous conferences in relation to the topic on March 26 and 27th at the two Mexico City Campuses of The Tecnologico of Monterrey.