Tuesday, May 6, 2008

THE OPULENT. Analog Studies

Opulence, Seduction and Excess
The Ohio State University. Knowlton School of Architecture. Spring 2008
Critic: Gabriel Esquivel
Lighting Effects Critic: Dave Covey
Marie Trabold
Norman Ai
Tyler Hardie
Mike Baltitas
Nicole Brown
The Idea is to produce an atmosphere using Tango as a motion effect, the emotion of seduction. and combining Eastern and Western Opulence.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Lecture at the Rafael Landivar University in Guatemala

March of 2008 Gabriel Esquivel gave a conference at the School of Architecture and Design at the Universidad Landivar in Guatemala City. The event was the to celebrate the school's program accreditation. Gabriel Esquivel was invited by the Dean Cristian Vela to give two lectures one at the accreditation ceremony called "Seriality and Aura" and the second one called "Series of Prcedents"the following day for the students.