Tuesday, October 2, 2007

ELECTRICAL TOWER. Aura of motion. Helsinki, Finland

Combined Technique
Skin and structure
Basic Technique
Design Team:
Kivi Sotamaa
Gabriel Esquivel
Adam Behm
Chiharu Sato
Most Electrical Towers are perceived as an “unattractive objects" of a performative nature only. The challenge was to design a tower that showed a different type of condition, not only for its pragmatic uses but as an object beautiful to look at. This was an opportunity to apply different geometric studies, first analog techniques and later using different softwares. The goal was to come up with a technique that could be easily build and would produce a sensation of exuberance and motion, applying some kind wrapping skin similar to a baroque sculpture that contended with the structure but could appear as its own system. We decided to use color to produce an effect of an “aura” when the tower is illuminated. It becomes some kind of discussion between humanity and nature, a new approach between technology and nature. Technology as the process of nature becoming self conscious.
The final sculpture will be build out steel using a performance steel mesh that has topological capalities, laser cut according to the tower's geometry.