Thursday, June 26, 2008


An Installation-Collaboration
The Ohio State University. Sophomore Studio. Spring 2008.
Critic: Gabriel Esquivel
Lighting Designer Critic: Dave Covey. OSU Dance Department.
The concept behind this project started by creating a cartoon character that has an overwhelming dream of being entrapped by a strange organism. The group started by looking at natural atmospheres of decay and shadows, like roots taking over ruins, this guided the research to look into architectural precedents that produced similar effects like the Tassel Hotel by Victor Horta where the geometry game of the two dimensional ornament of the wall that looks like a shadow and the three dimensional ornamentation of the stair rail. All these effects indicated the possibility of looking for atmospheres and the idea of looking at films came up. The movies the group looked at were Spyderman 3 and the moving fearful effect of the Venom taken over by the symbiote, as well as the gloomy wet atmosphere of Blade-Runner.
The Rhino investigation not only produced a specific geometry guide for fabrication, but the rendering exploration gave a clear idea of how the space should look using blue light, reflection and shadows.
The feeling that the installation wanted to produce was that of anguish and entrapment