Monday, June 30, 2008

GOTHIC BULLFIGHT. The Space of Death and Seduction

"The Space of Death and Seduction"
The Ohio State University. Knowlton School of Architecture. Sophomore Studio. Spring 2008
Critic: Gabriel Esquivel
Lighting Effects Critic: Dave Covey. OSU Dance Department
Dan Starcher
Tim Cousino
Terry Lerner
Jessica Day
The premise of the studio was to develop a performative surface using light as the main inspiration. My studio took a different approach and we began to investigate the idea of producing an emotional surface. This lead to the idea of investigating different effects and finally creating a series of atmospheric installations.
This new studio discourse wanted to shift the classic critical architecture paradigm of thinking(indexical process) to feeling (affect).
The research started by looking at Gothic rose windows, their geometry and their lighting effects. Another source of inspiration was the interior atmosphere produced by the candlelight in front of the altars inside the churches. The idea of a color effect led to the investigation of bullfighting for several reasons, the idea of motion and emotion. The ritual from the anticipation when the bullfighter kneels in front of the a specific atmosphere like the altar, the moment of the seduction when he stands in front of the bull, all the way to the moment of death.
This particular event is already charged with specific emotions and we wanted to use that as inspirations to explore the possibility of producing new affects.