Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Baroque effect of levitation
Review day
The Ohio State University. Sophomore Studio. Spring 2008.
Critic: Gabriel Esquivel
Lighting Designer Consultant: Dave Covey OSU Dance Department
The concept behind this project was first articulated by looking at Tango as a source of movement and seduction, the different interaction of how the female dancer hooks the male dancer. an idea of opulence was always behind the team, so the investigation continued by looking at things like Baroque and Rococo interiors as well as the eastern performance like the Dragon Dance. The use of gold became a clear notion, the use of red came from looking at at inspirations like the 45th Anniversary show of Valentino, who is well known for his use of red. However, as a result of the research the team found out that the combination red and gold in almost every culture is a sign of royalty and opulence.
The project should great an a golden atmosphere, with a red element levitating producing a Baroque effect, at one point vortexing producing a moment of emotional intensity. The use of a reflective gold floor was crucial in helping achieve this effect.