Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Prototypes Workshop. Tec of Monterrey. Estado de Mexico. June 2012.

This project started as a prototype about motion, the idea of passive motion through surface articulation and ornament, a concept that has been applied in architecture throughout different eras like Baroque and Art Noveau. However we wanted to include real motion through the activation of motors by the use of different sensors that read proximity and temperature. We worked with the department of Mechatronics from the Tec of Monterrey Campus Estado de Mexico. The idea of including automatization within the architectural surface as a way to deal with  a possibility for the future of architecture by integrating robotics to activate the performance as well as the sensations.

Kink-y becomes a machine of sensation like a full vibrator, just like Barbarella in the orgasmic machine, this project describes a new aesthetic possibility where the "Nude Goyan Maja" will give her body to a vibrating surface. Thus the name Kink-y which also deals with kinks as part of the ornamental sensibilities.

Kink-y is a massage bed as part of a steamy atmosphere that can be installed as part of the bathroom. Kink-y has a series of massage cushions that pulsate at different intensities when specific sensors located on the surface are activated. It also has some water spritzers like "eyelids" located on the surfaces as well, these eyelids help to cool the user from the steam.
The space space is described as an atmosphere where the ornament of the wall delaminates and becomes the performative surface. The space includes a type of "disco light" that is activated with sensors as well, this gives an effect of being underwater.

Gabriel Esquivel
David Hernandez M.
Jorge Cruz
Mechatronic Consultants: 
Sergio Alcala, Lessly Sabido.

David Paredes
Paola Gutierrez
Laura Iturria
Ana Bello
Mariana Monroy
Andrea Martin
Alfredo Moron
Ernesto Valdivia
Xavier Pintor
Alma Aldana
Walter Castellanos
Violeta Vazquez
Pamela Lira
Raian Velasco