Friday, March 2, 2012

Studio Preview. Mitchell Lab. Stress Analysis

Texas A&M University. College of Architecture. Mitchell Lab. Spring 2012.
Collaboration with Darren Hartl, Aerospace Engineering. Texas A&M

The results show stresses. Deformation have been scaled up x4.

-The top-left shows the Mises stress (a single number measure). 200MPa is ~the yield stress of aluminum.
-The top-right repeats this result, but just demonstrates a more continuous way of plotting the contours (and a different angle) 
-The bottom-left shows the actual stress directions in the surface, so you can see which way the load is being carried locally.
-The bottom-right is the same as the top-left, except that I added a visuualization feature that regions exceeding 50MPa are hidden, so you can see parts of the structure melting away. This can be useful when you want to highlight regions of unacceptable stress, strain, etc.