Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Performance and Sensation. Vitra Hotel

The premise of the project was that Vitra wanted to open a small hotel built on their own campus. this new hotel will be emblematic of what Vitra will become on the 21st Century.

The form of exploration will be concerned with yielding systemic hybridity in architecture by exploring two approaches that were previously thought to be both philosophically and methodological at odds with one another and experimenting with a “new way,” performance and sensation. The old cliche of the disruption of architecture, the separation of technology, design and program, the fears of reuniting them has been extremely damaging.

The project incorporated not only the latest ideas in design but in technology, sustainability and materials. Similar how furniture has skins, this building will have the type of skin that is not only performative in the sense that it will become the mechanical system itself, it will run throughout the building as necessary. Think of it as a beautiful jacket, a sweater or a fur coat to the building, it produces some kind of affect and sensation.