Sunday, June 7, 2009

Water Lilies

Short Competition by Invitation. Organized by the Universidad Intercontinental. Mexico City. The idea was to have the team in Mexico for one day and develop the proposal.
Team: Gabriel Esquivel, Kevin Magee and Zach Kamerer.
The water is indispensable for the social welfare, economic development and the preservation of the environment.
In Mexico more water is required, the quality and quantity in our sources and supply have diminished gradually, situation that worsens by the climatological changes that in the last years have caused recurrent and prolonged droughts. This is due to the fact that two thirds of the territory is barren and semi-arid and those territories begin to present conflicts between the users by lack of water.
To confront this, it is indispensable to consolidate a new culture of water, cradle in its efficient use and preservation in the diverse productive activities and homes. In order to create a Water culture, it is necessary to create actions in terms of the good use and preservation of water, an efficient use of water in the cities, an efficient use in the irrigation for agriculture, as well as for its use in industry.
This project recalls the presence of groups of water lilies that are present all over the canal, their exuberance, beauty and sensuality, completely connected to the water. The idea is to create a atmospheres about water and the possibility of occupying the building inside out outside directly embedded in the unique landscape like Dolores Del Rio in Maria Candelaria.
Water is and will be the subject of greater priority in the history of the humanity. It can help to produce in abundance and to maintain within the limits of subsistence of a region or a community.