Saturday, November 10, 2007

Delicious Patterns. Braniff Terminal.

Chiharo Sato. Design Thesis. Department of Design. The Ohio State University.
Critic: Gabriel Esquivel
Based on a hip global culture implemented by publications like WALLPAPER magazine and the importance of fabulous air traveling, Braniff became the perfect choice. The project is about reinventing the Braniff brand, by reinterpreting the design ideas implemented by the team of Charles Eames, Nelson and Emilio Pucci. These atmospheres presented a great array of color and were introduced using fruits as a way to comunicate their impact, thus the name Delicious. A very important part of the project was to reframe the idea of the Pucci pattern in their different colors and applied as a series of surfaces provoking and opearting in different ways. The geometry control was crucial in the application of the surfaces to maintain strict design and fabrication parameters and avoid using a different geometry in every area. The result is dramatically enhanced experience of color and pattern framing the different airport events